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A fun, upbeat Vocal Jazz style album! (See Reviews!)

Winner Best Jazz Album August 2017 Akademia Music Awards!
Winner Best Jazz Song for Richie's Bop  August 2017 Akademia Music Awards!
Semi-Finalist 2017 UK Song-Writers Contest, Jazz/Blues Song: Richie's Bop
Semi-Finalist 2017 UK Song-Writers Contest, Jazz/Blues Song: Happy Days
Semi-Finalist 2017 UK Song-Writers Contest, Retro Song: After All This Time
Bronze Medal Winner, Love Matters Now, jazz with vocals and album
Sept. 2017 Global Music Awards

Love Matters Now is the latest release by singer-songwriter/producer Alex Otey. Otey has recorded on a number of released works, including the GRAMMY Nominated 'Fitness Rock & Roll' album, which he produced, and the GRAMMY Winning 'All About Bullies Big And Small', for which he was a contributing artist/producer. Otey is also a contributing artist/arranger/producer on a third GRAMMY Nominated project, 'Health Food For Thought'.

Other projects Otey has produced include Americana, Country Jazz and Classical recordings for artists, such as: Miss Amy,
Orlando Otey, Leonardo Le San, Richie Cole and Chuck Schaeffer.

Otey has performed with a number of prominent jazz musicians including Lew Soloff, Sonny Stitt, played lead trumpet with Richie Cole, and recorded with Grover Washington Jr. on the Skylarking album. This latest recording, Love Matters Now, is an upbeat Vocal Jazz style album written and performed by Alex Otey as the Alex Otey Trio, which includes bassist Chris Clark and drummer Kevin Kuchinsky, along with a number of guest artists.

Having written mainstream works that have received acclaim within the Jazz, Pop, Americana and Children's genres, Otey has blended a 'Harry Connick Jr. meets Dr. John meets Randy Newman' groove across 12 light-hearted Vocal Jazz style songs!
Love Matters Now

Love Matters Now

"Totally captured Richie Cole's vibe on this, big respect!"

"Love Matters Now' by Alex Otey Trio, a light jazz Piano Trio work that includes several wonderful guest artists, including the legendary Richie Cole... these guys are simply dripping with cool... These three guys blow the roof off, but in such a way that it is enjoyable for everyone, not simply the Jazz elites"

"The Alex Otey Trio delivers a high quality vocal jazz style album that is easy for everyone to love with 'Love Matters Now.' Whether you're a fan of jazz or new to the genre, "Love Matters Now" is full of rich, accessible tunes that are sure to get you hooked. These songs show off Otey's versatility as a pianist and vocalist and leave you with a variety of songs to fall in love with on the album".

"Hearing the tracks playing off one another makes this a solid piece of art. It is really an album that becomes one you will obsess over. So much is offered in it with a vast canvas of art and music..".

"Like Harry Connick  Jr., Dr. John and Randy Newman!"

"Richie’s Bop, what nice tribute to Charlie Parker and myself in the style of Eddie Jefferson!"

"You are such a cool piano player. Thank you for an encouraging song!"

Alex Otey Trio
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About the Trio!

Alex Otey-Vocal/Piano
Chris Clark-Bass/Backup Vocal
Kevin Kuchinsky-Drums/Guitar

Love Matters Now

Guest Artists on the Album:
Amy Otey-Backup Vocal
Richie Cole-Alto Sax
James Popik-Guitar
Lars Wendt-Trombone
Dom DeFranco-Tenor Sax
Darrell Soltesz-Drums
Ryan Ross-Drums

Love Matters Now

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